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  Master@pelican-oto.org, for inquiries etc.
  Secretary@pelican-oto.org, for Camp business
  Treasurer@pelican-oto.org, for questions re dues
$20 for initiates, please set up autopay. Guests may attend at leisure.
  Alombrados Oasis of New Orleans, with whom we in Baton Rouge labor in a tight cooperation for the cultivation of a strong OTO presence in the beautiful land of Louisiana.
  Dove & Serpent Oasis of Atlanta, GA has served as a stronghold for OTO in the South.
  Scarlet Woman Lodge of Austin, TX has likewise been a beacon of Thelema and OTO.
  Here's a helpful map of OTO "local body" locations throughout the USA.
  Vigorous Food and Divine Madness, the webpage of T Polyphilus, a Chicago-based EGC Bishop who has invested tremendous time, love and scholarship into EGC.
  Crowley Library, a collection of Crowleyana that has served as a resource for students of Thelema and Magick for many years. Crowleyana may be difficult to track down at times, and when you can find it the pricing might be impermissible. Buy the books when you can, but utilize this resource when you can't.
  White Rabbit is a Thelema-related A∴A∴-run podcast with a lot of good material.
  Speech in the Silence is a Thelema-related OTO-run podcast with a lot of good material.