On Dues
OTO organizes on the most public level in local groups called Camps, Oases, and Lodges. In Baton Rouge, we have a Camp. What Camps are designed to do seems quite minimal compared to an Oasis or Lodge; however, it is foundational for any growth: outreach, education, and promulgation. To do this requires funds, and we raise funds from the regular and expected contributions of local membership. Persons approaching membership or otherwise taking advantage of local classes are also encouraged to pay local dues.

The return on this is threefold. First, there is the satisfaction contributing to an organization dedicated to the advancement of mankind to the Next Step. Second, the regular payment of dues shows initiated members (who are in a position of sponsoring you into OTO) that you are ready and willing to make modest investment. Third, these dues allow due access to facilities a local body may have to offer; including, initiation, attendance of other events such as performances, rituals or classes, and access to ritual facilities.

On this third point, I admit openly that the Pelican Camp of Baton Rouge has no facilities to offer outside of educational events. However, we need dues to grow. With this understanding, Alombrados Oasis of New Orleans has allowed a special sort of dues for those who live in Louisiana but outside of the Greater New Orleans area that wish to stake membership in Pelican. The Master of Alombrados allows anyone paying dues to Pelican to also enjoy full privileges of membership that would be accorded to a dues paying member of Alombrados.

This totals to $10 for those who have not taken any initiation with OTO and $20 for those who have (including Minervals, our introductory 0°), to be paid monthly. Also, for us, attending Mass at Alombrados calls for a $5 suggested donation. This is significantly less than the ~$50/month Alombrados Oasis collects from its local initiates to keep their magnificent facilities up and running.

Lastly, members of OTO (those who have initiated) are also required to pay national Dues annually.

I trust you'll enjoy paying the first tax you've ever elected to pay.

Love is the law, love under will.