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Social Events  
In the spirit of public outreach and visibility, we have monthly social gatherings where the public is invited to eat and drink with us. These outings are casual discussions of specific selections. This is a great occasion to discuss what you're reading or practicing with Thelemites and Magicians.
Classes and Workshops  
Thelema is a way of life, but it is also a cultural umbrella wherein many subjects find importance. In our classes, we discuss both the exoteric (ex. Thelema's philosophical implications, the nature and structure of OTO, ethical departures from vulgar religion) and the esoteric (the Hermetic sciences, magick, mysticism). We also spend a lot of time exploring literature, namely that of Aleister Crowley, our primary source for Magick and Thelema. Lastly, we have regular classes on Initiations. These are private and tyled to the degree in question.
This is what OTO offers to the New Aeon – a system of initiations whereby one is instructed in the nature of things and self, through critical experiences celebrating the cycle of Birth, Life and Death, that which was before and that which lies beyond. These dramas of Aleister Crowley are secret and available only to the successful applicant, the candidate, the brave fool willing to dare the darkness to find the light. Initiations are conducted on demand, and while application is local they are presently nearly all conducted by our neighboring Alombrados Oasis of New Orleans.
Gnostic Mass  
The central public and private ceremony of OTO, but falling under the aegis of EGC (Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, or Gnostic Catholic Church), this ritual celebration of the Eucharist comes in brilliant contrast to the gross and gaudy Mass of the Church of Rome. Our Sacrament is not of the dread and sorrow of Christianity. We celebrate life, affirm joy and sing to the All-Devourer, All-Begetter, IAO. Our Miracle is not the circular suppositions of transubstantiation, but instead the gradual transformation of the communicant through the ingestion of Wine and Cakes of Light. In this change we bring the parts of our person into an alignment whereby the genius might take root, would that our Daemon whisper our will into our ear.