Pelican is an Encampment of OTO, chartered to organize in Baton Rouge and serve as a nexus for Thelema in south Louisiana.

Our Brochure

Our mission is to advance society through the liberation of one individual at a time. We effect this transmutation by the promotion of the Law of Thelema: Do what thou wilt. We seek to educate the public in the details of this doctrine of the New Aeon by offering classes on related material, conducting initiations to bring individuals into a more intimate awareness of the mysteries of Thelema (Will) and Agape (Love), and celebrating the Gnostic Mass to inspirit the community.

To put simply, we believe that each person has a Will, a creative capacity and noble purpose, and that the discovery and doing of that one thing is paramount for the individual to achieve relevance, for culture to have vivacity and for civilization to have vision. History was made by persons who had knowledge of this genius, masters who communed with their godhead. Tragically, as more and more intelligent people are traded wholesale, culture is rapidly losing its luster, and the dull animal drone of modernity is drowning spirit in its excess and bilge.

The goal of every true religion of times past has been this mystical marriage of soul and serpent, flesh and spirit. When accomplished, one is lifted out of the confusing miasma, becoming Lux Mundi, a beacon in dark times. We find kinship with old religions in many ways. We reject the vicarious atonement of Christianity and servility of Judaism and Islam; they lose all in a bargain where freedom is bet. Instead, we prefer the philosophies and practices of the east combined with the magick and mythos of the west. Ours is the mad ecstasy of Dionysus and the mercurial measure of Hermes.

We invite resonant outsiders to communicate with us, to learn more of our outlook and practices, and cooperate in this, the Magnum Opus, the Great Work.

Upcoming Events


13th- We're having a class on Aleister Crowley's dusk-time Eucharistic ritual, The Mass of the Phoenix, with a demonstration and some other ritual activity. At la Madeleine's at Perkins Rowe.

27th- Class on assembling a magical routine, that being regular ritual practices purposed towards the development of magical faculties and to propel the individual aspirant along the magical path. the class will be looking at Liber E and Liber O with some demonstration.

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